BuildWallet Charity

Charity is a big part of our culture at BuildWallet.  We believe in always being thankful for what we are given, and giving back to those less fortunate than ourselves.  When trying to establish the highest & best use for our charity funds we decided that the best use was - to do what we do best.  We would use the charity fund for the purchase and renovation of dilapidated homes, then give them away to those deserving families in the markets where we are working.  


To gain even more benefit from this good deed, we engage up and coming General Contractors in these markets to help teach them how to renovate these houses, using our BuildWallet platform.  We also team up with the local Real Estate Investment organizations and associations to use these charity houses as a training and education opportunity.

  •  Housing for those who need it most

  • Education and a Guided Opportunity for up and coming Contractors who want to learn

  • Education for the Real Estate Community

That is how we continue to give back to the community who has given us so much. 


The BuildWallet Team