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Financial Automation on BuildWallet

"technology to reduce human input & error for the planning, funding, managing, & paying for any Project."



Account Wallets – Lifetime use accounts for registered Team Members


Project Wallet – One-time use restricted account - used for designated Project ONLY


Prime Contract Setup & Negotiation – Owner & Contractor

  • Active Visibility on both sides

  • Active Submission/Acceptance on both sides


Status Bubbles – Transparent insight on Subcontract Status


Escrow Automation Rule – Owner must Fund Subcontract Escrow ahead of the Work


Over Spending Prevention - Contractor cannot issue Subcontract above amount in contract


Asynchronous Negotiation of Subcontract - ("Traffic Light" – accept, negotiate, reject)


Subcontractor Invoices

  • Preset Invoice Milestones – set at time of subcontract issue

  • Invoice Submission – digital & easy


"Approve to Pay" Transfers

  • Instant release (12 seconds)

  • Instant Update of Contract Accounting


Change Orders

  • Mobile Submission - easy

  • Paid Upon Approval

  • Instant update of Project Contract


Contractor Paid at Completion of Phase – OH / Profit / Margin


Owner gets Wallet Balance - only after Project is 100% Complete - after Lender Approval

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