YouTube Podcast - Alpha Beta Launch with Flip Factory App

Katie Boer

Jul 28, 2021

Jake and Juan are general contractors that specialize in flipping houses for themselves and others. They loved what they did but hated cash flow issues driven by the particulars of the construction business. They literally carried multiple checkbooks and debit cards for their various projects. Managing funds creep, chasing money, paying others and getting paid was a huge headache. Every Friday!

Finally, the two friends sat down and wrote it all up in flash cards. Every step, every item, every participant - from the investor down to the laborer. They took those 300+ pages to a software developer who built an app that is in the process of revolutionizing payment flows in the construction industry.

It’s a fascinating story about how two general contractors with little technology and no fintech experience — with the help of the right partners — created an app that among other things now helps laborers who may not have a banking relationship bank.

*If you envision the future differently and want to build something that makes it real, this is an episode you cannot miss.