BuildWallet is a Financial Technology Platform custom built for the Construction Industry to facilitate a better way to Buy & Sell Goods/Services.  In order to make the program most effective, we need to have the ability to transfer funds between the buying and selling parties.  Therefore, every User needs to connect their business bank account for the deposit and/or withdrawal of funds. 


As of the writing of this version (Jan 15th 2022), Plaid is currently working with over 5,500 technology companies, connecting them and their Users safely and securely.  See more at to understand how Plaid is the industry leader in safely enabling financial connections around the globe.

Alloy is the other company that we have engaged in helping us do external verification of Know Your Client (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) verifications.

As of the writing of this version (Jan 25th 2022) Alloy handles over 455,000 verifications daily and is one of the largest 3rd party verification companies in the US.  

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Due to the HIGH DEGREE of SENSITIVITY in this aspect, we outsource the connection of business bank accounts to User Wallets to the industry leader in this area.  We engage PLAID ( to handle the connection and safe transfer of funds from the BuildWallet platform to a User’s business bank account.  This is the same company outsourced by Venmo, American Express, and Acorns – to name a sizable few.

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Safety and Security are paramount on the BuildWallet platform.  Everything we do and have built is about providing Trust and Security for both financing, project scope, and payments.  In order to provide the highest level of security, we start by making sure that everyone on the platform has been verified to be who they are.  Some may deem this arduous and difficult, however we deem it necessary to ensure the "Bad Actors" are gone, and everyone who qualifies, is here to play and get more Projects Done!  

**If there is ever any issues with Safety or Security on the platform, please contact us immediately at so we can ensure safe and secure projects on our BuildWallet platform.